Monday, 27 August 2012

Dont Buy Flowers From Florists That Dont Store Flowers In Fridges Or Deliver Them in Proper Delivery Vans!

Cut Fresh Flowers are a perishable item, from when they are picked at the Flower Growers to when they arrive at your door it is essential that they are looked after in the best possible way all along the supply chain.

When buying Flowers from a Perth Florist, it is really important that they have good Flower Care Management processes in place. You really want the best quality, longest lasting flowers to be delivered on your behalf. Therefore its important that the Florist you order Flowers from:
  • Buys the Freshest Premium Flowers available in Perth
  • Transports the Flowers from the Flower Growers in water where possible in Air conditioned Vans
  • Stores the Flowers in the Perth Flower Shop in a Cool room or Fridges
  • The Flowers delivered in Air Conditioned Vans offering sun protection that have been set up for the delivery of Flowers

Dial A Hamper Large Walk In Coolroom
You don't want to spend money to have poor quality, old Flowers that are delivered in non air conditioned vehicles (as many of them are in Perth) to friends, family or work colleagues in Perth.

Imagine a 40 degree day and your flowers being delivered like in the ute below - no sun protection, no air conditioning with the flowers potentially being out in a hot car/van for 4/5 hours! They aren't going to be in great shape or last very long at all!

Don't let your flowers to be delivered in non air conditioned cars/utes/vans as above!

Dial A Hamper stocks the highest quality freshest flowers we can source from local growers, those from the eastern states and also internationally. We transport all of our Flowers in our Air conditioned Vans that have been specifically set up for the Delivery of Flowers and Hampers. We do not contract out our Perth Flower Deliveries to any Delivery Contractors ensuring we maintain control and the condition of the Flowers.
We store all of our Flowers in our large walk in cool room and once arranged are Delivered across Perth in our Air conditioned Vans by our own drivers.

flower delivery perth
St Anne's Delivery Vans
St Anne's Florist and Gift Baskets has a large range of Flowers, Hampers, Roses, Balloons, Baby Gift Baskets plus many more lines all available for Same Day Perth Delivery.

You can order online at , call us on 08 9388 8844 or come into our Perth Florist and Flower Shop in Perth at 111 Newcastle Street, Perth Western Australia 6000

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