Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Little Facts About Roses - Dial A Hamper Have In Stock A Large Range Of Roses Available For Perth Delivery

The Rose (Rosa) has been one of the most cherished, admired and widely cultivated flowers, it has a special place in most people hearts and is the worlds favourite flower with billions sold around the globe annually.

Roses are extremely versatile for Florists to use and grow in so many different forms, colours and sizes that they can used across all aspects of Floristry. Roses are fairly hardy if treated correctly and survive well either in a vase of water or in floral foam

Archaeologists are said to have found fossilised roses that are over 30 million years old. It is claimed that Cleopatra wooed Mark Antony with rose oil and rose petals, today's lovers know the seductive power of Roses.

Despite the worldwide cultivation of Roses, Roses are often considered a luxury. Roses which are grown commercially are cut in the early morning or late in the day when the sun is low in they sky, cut on a 45 degree angle and placed straight into a bucket of water. The buckets are filled high up the stems of the roses as Cut Roses, especially those with large flower heads are
really thirsty.

The best commercial Roses are those that are grown in sunny hot climates at altitude, translating to hot long days and colder nights that are essential for Roses to produce at their maximum.

Roses are the most popular flower to send at Valentines Day, especially Long Stem Red Roses. Most people believe it is the Florists or Flower Shop that are the cause of the increase in Costs of Roses around the Valentines Day period, however it is the Growers that increase their prices in this period sometimes by some 2 to 5 times the usual amount that they charge for Roses

Dial A Hamper has a large range of Roses available for Perth Rose Delivery. We source the best quality Locally Grown Perth Roses and also Imported Roses that are available in Perth, You can order Roses for Perth Delivery online at http://www.dialahamper.com.au/ , call us in our Perth Flower Shop on 08 9381 9191 or come into our Perth Florist Shop at 111 Newcastle Street, Perth Western Australia 6000

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