Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Free Delivery Doesnt Always Mean You Are Getting A Better Deal Or Saving Money

Don't get caught out!! There are many Florists around Perth and throughout the whole of Australia that offer 'Free Delivery' when you order Flowers or Hampers from them. Flower buyers need to be aware that often you are NOT getting a good deal at all!
In fact the money that you think is solely going into the value of the flowers, the retailers are taking out a delivery fee from the total amount paid without your knowledge. Or if they are not taking out a charge for delivery they will often use lower quality or less flowers or products to make up for not charging for delivery.

Can you imagine ordering Flowers to send to a friend, colleague or loved one from a florist offering 'Free Delivery', you pay $100 for what you think should be a nice arrangement however the florist takes out some $15-$25 to cover their delivery to a suburb of Perth without your knowledge. The result is the recipient only receives flowers worth $75!! A lot smaller than the one you would of been expecting to be delivered!!!

The consumer needs to ask the Florists who offers 'Free Delivery' the actual value and size of the arrangement or flower bouquet that will be sent out. As the saying goes 'there's never a free lunch', and in Floristry 'theres never free delivery', the consumer pays for it one way or the other!!

Dial A Hamper & Gift Baskets charge a delivery fee depending on the distance from our Perth Flower and Hamper Perth Shop - we are up front with the delivery fees payable so that the amount you pay for your flowers you actually receive!!!. If you order a $100 flower arrangement or Flower bouquet then that is what the recipient will receive, $100 worth of flowers!!!

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