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A Little History on the Chrysanthemum Flower - Chrysanthemums Available at Dial A Hamper

The Chrysanthemum flower has been grown in the Far East for in excess of 2,000 odd years, and is the national flower of Japan. Although the Chrysanthemum arrived in the Netherlands via trade routes with the Dutch East Indies, the flower once grew in the imperial gardens of China with it being impossible to say whether it originated in China or Japan.

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Yellow Disbud Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are often a florists most useful flower and are practical, versatile and robust to use in a variety of ways and floral styles. Chrysanthemums are one of the top five cultivated and popular flowers in the world. In the UK, United States, Japan and the Netherlands more Chrysanthemum are sold than any other cut flower and it is in these countries where the development of the species has been made.

Chrysanthemums are grown in every colour except blue and are available here in Perth all year round. The Chrysanthemums that are produced here in Australia are more often than not grown in hot houses ensuring a good quality year round supply of the various varieties.

Of all the flowers, the Chrysanthemum is the most easily hybridised, and are divided into the most popular for of disbudded and non-disbudded. The single head Chrysanthemum disbud often are 10-15cm wide flower head.

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White Chrysanthemum

Spray or bunch Chrysanthemum are the non disbudded type and grow in a large range of colours and styles.The multiple flowers appear toward the end of a small branches that grown off a single main stem. A popular cultivar of the spray Chrysanthemum is the 'spider' Chrysanthemum and are popular for florists to use as a base/fill for an arrangement.

Chrysanthemum flowers are very long lasting, the foliage usually dies before the flowers so the foliage should be continually be cut off and the stem re-cut.

Chrysanthemums are always a flower St Anne's Florist and Gift Baskets has in stock as they are locally grown year round.

Flowers or Gift Baskets can be ordered securely online at, call us on 08 9381 9191 or come into our Perth Flower Shop at 111 Newcastle Street, Perth Western Australia 6000

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